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About Shaalakosh Portal

               Extended U-DISE (ShaalaKosh) is a unique initiative of MHRD which aims to create a single platform to meet the data requirements of all stakeholders in school education ecosystem. The platform will cater to entire value chain requirements of the three key stakeholders - student, teacher and school management.
Extended U-DISE (ShaalaKosh) is envisioned as a decentralized platform where states will have the flexibility to determine the level of integration of their existing systems based on their requirements. The states which do not have their own digital systems or have some of the modules as proposed under the initiative will have the autonomy to adopt the whole or specific modules of the platform as per their needs. They will also be able to customize, re-purpose and extend the platform to suit their specific needs.

Input Modules

                 Customized for Teachers, Headmasters, Block level, District level, State level and Central level Administrators to facilitate entry of data in smooth and seamless manner.

Output Modules

              In form of interactive dashboards with stakeholder relevant metrics and indicators to facilitate data-driven process management and decision making.
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